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We have no idea where our LANDING ancestors came from. During the late 1980s my sister, Debbie Schucker, was working on our family genealogy for both our mom’s (Taylor, Cropper, Boole) and dad’s side (Landing, Powell, Boston, Blades). I started working with her information for about 6 years from 1989 – 1995 but pretty much stopped after that. I have started again and I want to figure out where our LANDING line came from. I am currently working on twelve different (unique lines) LANDING family histories. of each other. The first three families are probably related but I haven't found the connection, yet!

I started using the Personal Ancestral File (PAF) software from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormans) during 1989.  I have used numerous programs over the years including PAF, Ancestral Quest, The Master Genealogist and now RootsMagic v7 for data management and the GedSite program for generating this website. GedSite, is a new software program that uses a Gedcom file exported from your own family history software to create and publish a family history website.  These websites can be placed on USB memory sticks or CD/DVDs for passing to family members/interested parties or else placed on the internet for many people to view/use.

Over the last 35+ years genealogical research has changed dramatically. In those early years, it was done with paper records, typewriters and it meant a trip to Salt Lake City, visits to the National Archives facility in a town near you, many hours sitting in front of micro-fiche and microfilm readers at LDS Family History Centers and cemetery visits. Now much of the work can be done sitting in the comfort of your home utilizing personal computers, the internet to include (free), (free), and ($$$) or other online services and Google searches.

I hope you find tidbits of information on my website that relate to your own family. I'd like to hear from you especially if you need me to correct or add information about your family.
Please contact me via email and I'll respond as quickly as I can.