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This program does not contain details about living people, only their names are shown.  Only the people related to them that have passed are shown with names and details.

This program works like most internet web sites. Almost all names, chart boxes, images from the images list, and button-like objects can be clicked; they link to individual pages, charts, and other exhibits.

Many of the names in the surname index may be unfamiliar to you. You can move through them alphabetically to select the person you’d like to see. First click on the initial letter of the surname you are looking for.

Alternatively, the website can be searched using the Search Form via the Search link at the top of each page.

After finding a person, most users have found it easiest to follow the family line in which they are interested by clicking on the names or links on the person page you are viewing. Click on the Family Explorer icon at the top of each individual's page to display a pedigree chart with known parents and siblings for that person. After you click on it you will see several generations of the person's ancestors as well as siblings, partners and children. You can click on any of these entries to see the associated person page. The Family Explorer window can be closed by clicking its button again or by clicking the little "X" at the top right corner of its window.

On each person page, events in that person's life are listed in date order. The first sentence for each event is generated automatically by the RootsMagic genealogy software that I use. Sometimes the software-generated text may sound stilted and the punctuation may be wrong, but the meaning is clear.

Another peculiarity of sentences generated by RootsMagic concerns names. Even after a woman is married, the sentences still use her maiden name. For example, Rachel Powell married Thomas Landing and was of course known to all as Rachel Landing, but the events at her death state "Rachel Powell died...", " Rachel Powell was buried...". Also, when a person is called by their middle name/other name, the generated sentences will use the first name. For example, Harvey James (Pat) Boole was called Pat, but the generated sentences will say Harvey. Any additional text that I have typed into the database will use Pat.

Please remember that living people will not be displayed on the "public," or unprotected version of this site.

Differently sized computer screens and different browsers display different amounts of information. You'll often find that you need to scroll the image to see all of the data, particularly on the ancestor and descendant charts. Setting your browser to full-screen will probably give you the best view of the information.